Many pdb-files contain carbohydrate structures. Since there is not such a standard nomenclature like it exists for amino acids, it is difficult to find the carbohydrate information. Sometimes entire oligosaccharides are encoded in one single residue. Information about carbohydrate linkages is often missing, and if it is present, it is not in a unique format and therefore also difficult to find.
pdb2linucs automatically extracts carbohydrate information from pdb-files and displays it using the LINUCS-Code [1] or - translated by LiGraph - the IUPAC-Notation.


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[1]Bohne-Lang A, Lang E, Forster T, von der Lieth CW:
LINUCS: linear notation for unique description of carbohydrate sequences.
Carbohydr Res 2001, 336: 1-11.

When citing pdb2linucs, please refer to:

 Lütteke T , Frank M , von der Lieth CW:
Data mining the Protein Data Bank: Automatic detection and assignment of carbohydrate structures.
Carbohydrate Research 2004, 339(5): 1015-1020.
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