Carbohydrate 3D Structure related Tools
Detection and Validation of Carbohydrates in PDB files
pdb-care checks carbohydrate residues in pdb-files for errors.
pdb2linucs automatically extracts carbohydrate information from pdb-files and displays it in LINUCS or IUPAC notation.
CARP generates Ramachandran-like plots of carbohydrate linkage torsions in pdb-files.
Statistical Analysis of Carbohydrate Properties derived from the Protein Data Bank (PDB)
The purpose of GlyVicinity is to generate statistics about the amino acids present in the vicinity of carbohydrate residues.
GlyTorsion performs a statistical analysis of carbohydrate torsion angles derived from the Protein Data Bank.
GlySeq is dedicated to statistically analyse the sequences around glycosylation sites.
For further carbohydrate 3D structure related applications please also see the Modeling section:
  • Sweet-2   • GlyProt   • GlycoMapsDB   • Distance Mapping

Carbohydrate Notation related Tools
LInear Notation for Unique description of Carbohydrate Structures
LiGraph generates schematic drawings of oligosaccharides which are often used to display glycan structure.
SUgar MOtif search, searches carbohydrate structures for motifs commonly used for carbohydrate classification, like N- and O-glycan cores, Lewis antigens, etc.
Mass Spectrometry Tools
The purpose of this application is to calculate and display the main fragments (Band C-, Z- and Y-, A- and X-ions) of oligosaccharides that should occur in MSspectra.

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