GlyVicinity v2.0: Analysis of Amino Acids in the Vicinity of Carbohydrate Residues contained in the Protein Data Bank (PDB)
Besides the amino acids in sequential neighbourhood of glycosylation sites (analysed by GlySeq), those in the spatial vicinity of carbohydrate residues determine the characteristics of glycoproteins. The latter ones are of special interest for the examination of carbohydrate-binding proteins. Since carbohydrate moieties are not covalently bound in these cases, sequence analysis comparable to that for glycosylation sites is not possible there.
GlyVicinity performes statistical analyses on the types of amino acids around carbohydrate chains and on the atoms forming the closest contacts between protein and carbohydrate residues. Results are based on weekly updated datasets derived from the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

Analysis Parameters

When citing glyvicinity, please refer to:

 Rojas-Macias MA, Lütteke T:
Statistical analysis of amino acids in the vicinity of carbohydrate residues performed by GlyVicinity
Methods Mol Biol. 2015, 1273: 215-26.
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