GlySeq - Statistical Analysis of Glycoprotein Sequences
Glycosylation belongs to the most common and most important co- and postranslational modifications of proteins. Since it is often difficult to determine which potential glycosylation sites are in fact glycosylated, there is only few data available about glycoproteins. Sources from which such data can be retrieved are SwissProt and the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Data from the PDB is obtained using pdb2linucs and updated weekly. GlySeq is dedicated to statistically analyse these sequences, especially the areas around glycosylation sites.

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 Lütteke T , Frank M , von der Lieth CW:
Carbohydrate Structure Suite (CSS): analysis of carbohydrate 3D structures derived from the PDB
Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33: D242-6.
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