Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Lütteke

Current Project Head

Justus-Liebig University Gießen
Fakulty of Veterinary Medicine
Institute of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry
Frankfurter Str. 100
35392 Gießen

Phone: +49 641 99 38170
E-mail: Thomas.Luetteke@vetmed.uni-giessen.de

Glycosciences.de Projects
  •  MonoSaccharideDB
    Comprehensive Monosaccharide Database, includes tool to check residue notation.
  •  SuMo
    SUgar MOtif search. Finds motifs like Lewis antigens, Lactosamine or glycan cores in carbohydrate structures
  •  pdb2linucs
    automatically extracts carbohydrate information from pdb-files and displays it using the LINUCS-Code.
  •  pdb-care
    checks carbohydrate residues in pdb-files for errors.
  •  carp
    implements the Ramachandran Plot for carbohydrate structures.
  •  GlyVicinity
    generates statistics about the amino acids present in the vicinity of carbohydrate residues.
  •  GlyTorsion
    statistical analysis of carbohydrate torsion angles derived from the Protein Data Bank.
  •  GlySeq
    statistically analyses the sequences around glycosylation sites.
  •  PDB data in

    The integration of PDB data into Glycosciences.DB enables a targeted search for PDB entries that contain carbohydrates.
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