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The CD (cluster of differentiation) antigens classify distinct cell surface-expressed macromolecules of human hematopoietic cells (T and B lymphocytes, natural killer cells, myeloid cells, erythrocytes and platelets), specific types of endothelial and epithelial cells and in particular adhesion antigens, cyto-/chemokine receptors, non-lineage antigens and carbohydrate antigens. Each CD antigen is defined by its reactivity with a group of monoclonal antibodies (CD mAbs) generated by different laboratories around the world. Representative antibodies of most CDs are now also commercially available. In the human system 363 different CD antigens are known by now, some CD have subgroups as for instance CD62E, L, P (defining selectins specific for endothelial cells, lymphocytes or platelets respectively) or CD60a,b,c (specific for the ganglioside GD3 and its 9-O- and 7-O-acetylated sialic acid modifications) or defining isoforms which arise from variable splicing of exons like for CD45 exons 4,5,6 which encode A,B,C determinants ( CD45A,B,C recognized by CD45RA, CD45RB, CD45RC, and CD45RO antibodies respectively).

GlycoCD data bank is a manually curated, comprehensive repository of CDs which are a) defined as distinct oligosaccharide sequences as part of either glycoproteins and/or glycosphingolipids and b) defined as proteins which have carbohydrate recognition sites (CRDs) or as carbohydrate binding lectins. The data base is generated by exhaustive search of literature and other online data banks related to carbohydrates and proteins. This data bank is the beginning of an effort to provide concise, relevant information of carbohydrate-related CDs in a user- friendly manner. For users convenience the data bank under menu browse of GlycoCD is arranged in two section namely carbohydrate recognition CDs (CRD CD) and glycan CD.

The carbohydrate recognition CD part is the collection of proteins which recognize glycan structures by means of the CRDs. Glycan CD is the part in which CDs are summarized which characterize specific oligosaccharide structures.

The GlycoCD databank has been developed with the aim to assist the immunologist, cell biologist as well as the clinician who wants to keep up with the present knowledge in this field of glycobiology.

Database statistics
CRD-CD : 44
Glycan-CD : 19

When referring to GlycoCD, please cite:

Kumar S, Lütteke T, Schwartz-Albiez R (2012)
GlycoCD: a repository for carbohydrate-related CD antigens.
Bioinformatics 28(19): 2553-2555