Detail Information of Glycan CD77 :

General Information
Glycotope :
Other Name :Gb3 (Globotriaocylceramide), BLA(Burkitt's lymphoma associated antigen), CTH(Ceramide trihexoside)
Molecular Structure :Gala 1-4Galb 1-4Glcb-Cer
Functions :Involved in apoptosis of germline B- lymphocytes which do not express high affinity matured Ig
Ligands :Interacts with CD19 and Shiga toxin of Shigella dysenteriae type 1
Expression :Expressed by germinal center B cells
Applications :Used as a centroblast marker
Glycan Database Id :138
GlycomeDB :120
Glyaffinity :828
Glycan Array Information
Glyaffinity Data :828
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