Detail Information of CRD- CD43 :

General Information
Other Name :Leukosialin, gp95, Leukocyte sialoglycoprotein, Sialophorin, gpL115
Molecular Structure :A type I integral membrane protein with highly serine and threonine O-glycosylated. Has one N- linked glycosylation site.
Molecular Weight :95-115 (resting lymphocytes), 115-135 (activated lymphocytes)
Functions :Involced in adhesion and T-cell activation.
Ligands :Interacts with hyaluronic acid
Other binding :CD54, CD62P, MHC class I
Expression :Expressed on all leukocytes except resting B cells.
Applications :Used as marker for the identification of normal and malignant T cells in tissue section.
Different Ids
Uniprot :P16150
OMIM :182160
Entrez Gene :6693
3D-Structure :2EMS (Mouse)
Protein :NP_001025459.1
Nucleotide :NC_000016.9
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