Detail Information of CRD- CD329 :

General Information
Other Name :Siglec-9
Molecular Structure :A type I transmembrane protein with 2 Ig-like C2 domains and 9 N-linked glycosylation sites.
Molecular Weight :50.1kDa
Functions :Involved in signalling.
Ligands :Interacts with a2-3 and a2-6 linked Sialic acid, and Sialylated typeII LacNac is better binder than sialylated typeI LacNac
Other binding :-
Expression :Expressed by monocytes, neutrophils, B cells, and NK cells.
Applications :
Different Ids
Uniprot :Q9NYZ4
OMIM :605639
Entrez Gene :27180
3D-Structure :
Protein :NP_055257.2
Nucleotide :NM_014442.2
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Glyaffinity Data :Glycan array Data
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