Detail Information of CRD- CD299 :

General Information
Other Name :DC-SIGN2, DC-SIGNR, L-SIGN, CD209L
Molecular Structure :A type II transmembrane protein with 2 potential N glycosylation sites and 6 calcium binding sites.
Molecular Weight :40.1kDa
Functions :Involved in pathogen recognition in peripheral immune and T cells trafficking.
Ligands :Interacts with mannose moieties of oligosaccharides and Lewis X (CD15)
Other binding :CD50
Expression :Endothelial cells in liver and lymph nodes.
Applications :Used as marker for Endothelial cells (liver and lymph nodes).
Different Ids
Uniprot :Q9H2X3
OMIM :605872
Entrez Gene :10332
3D-Structure :1K9J
Protein :NP_001138377.1
Nucleotide :NM_001144905.1
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