Detail Information of CRD- CD22 :

General Information
Other Name :Siglec 2, Bgp135, BL-CAM, Lyb8, LPAP
Molecular Structure :Single chain type I integral membrane glycoprotein with 6 IgC2-like and 1IgV domain and both are N- and O- glycosylated.
Molecular Weight :140kDa (major form), 130kDa isoform (Low level expression)
Functions :Functions as an adhesion and signalling molecule that regulates B-cell functions.
Ligands :Recognizes Neu5Aca2-6galb1-4GlcNacb
Other binding :Bind with isoforms of CD45, IgM and haptoglobin
Expression :Expressed by mature B cells.
Applications :Useful for the diagnosis and experimental therapy of mature B-call malignancies.
Different Ids
Uniprot :P20273
OMIM :107266
Entrez Gene :933
3D-Structure :
Protein :NP_001172028.1
Nucleotide :NM_001185099.1
Carbohydrate Microarray Data
CFG Data :Glycan array Data
Glyaffinity Data :Glycan array Data
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