Glycosciences.DB structure entry #856: Polysialic acid, (2-8)-linked

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Reference #21896
Villanueva-Cabello TM; Gutiérrez-Valenzuela LD; Salinas-Marín R; López-Guerrero DV; Martínez-Duncker I
Polysialic Acid in the Immune System.
Published 2022 in Front Immunol, 12: 823637
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #21729
Sytnyk V; Leshchyns'ka I; Schachner M
Neural glycomics: the sweet side of nervous system functions.
Published 2021 in Cell Mol Life Sci, 78: 93-116
Reference contains 13 structures

Reference #21317
Liao SM; Lu B; Liu XH; Lu ZL; Liang SJ; Chen D; Troy Ii FA; Huang RB; Zhou GP
Molecular Interactions of the Polysialytransferase Domain (PSTD) in ST8Sia IV with CMP-Sialic Acid and Polysialic Acid Required for Polysialylation of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule Proteins: An NMR Study.
Published 2020 in Int J Mol Sci, 21:
Reference contains 4 structures

Reference #21750
Kudelka MR; Stowell SR; Cummings RD; Neish AS
Intestinal epithelial glycosylation in homeostasis and gut microbiota interactions in IBD.
Published 2020 in Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol, 17: 597-617
Reference contains 35 structures

Reference #21582
D'Addio M; Frey J; Otto VI
The manifold roles of sialic acid for the biological functions of endothelial glycoproteins.
Published 2020 in Glycobiology, 30: 490-499
Reference contains 4 structures

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