Glycosciences.DB structure entry #731: GM1 glycan

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b-D-Galp-(1-3)-b-D-GalpNAc-(1-4)+ | b-D-Galp-(1-4)-D-Glc | a-D-Neup5Ac-(2-3)+
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  Literature references: 35

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Reference #21807
Bojar D; Meche L; Meng G; Eng W; Smith DF; Cummings RD; Mahal LK
A Useful Guide to Lectin Binding: Machine-Learning Directed Annotation of 57 Unique Lectin Specificities.
Published 2022 in ACS Chem Biol, : epub ahead of print
Reference contains 73 structures

Reference #21966
Chiricozzi E
Plasma membrane glycosphingolipid signaling: a turning point.
Published 2022 in Glycoconj J, 39: 99-105
Reference contains 3 structures

Reference #21671
Chiricozzi E; Di Biase E; Lunghi G; Fazzari M; Loberto N; Aureli M; Mauri L; Sonnino S
Turning the spotlight on the oligosaccharide chain of GM1 ganglioside.
Published 2021 in Glycoconj J, 38: 101-117
Reference contains 4 structures

Reference #21320
Di Biase E; Lunghi G; Fazzari M; Maggioni M; Pomè DY; Valsecchi M; Samarani M; Fato P; Ciampa MG; Prioni S; Mauri L; Sonnino S; Chiricozzi E
Gangliosides in the differentiation process of primary neurons: the specific role of GM1-oligosaccharide.
Published 2020 in Glycoconj. J., :
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #21336
Di Biase E; Lunghi G; Maggioni M; Fazzari M; Pomè DY; Loberto N; Ciampa MG; Fato P; Mauri L; Sevin E; Gosselet F; Sonnino S; Chiricozzi E
GM1 Oligosaccharide Crosses the Human Blood-Brain Barrier In Vitro by a Paracellular Route.
Published 2020 in Int J Mol Sci, 21:
Reference contains 2 structures

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