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Reference #21773
Wu X; Ye J; DeLaitsch AT; Rashidijahanabad Z; Lang S; Kakeshpour T; Zhao Y; Ramadan S; Saavedra PV; Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan V; Kavunja H; Cao H; Gildersleeve JC; Huang X
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of 9NHAc-GD2 Antigen to Overcome the Hydrolytic Instability of O-Acetylated-GD2 for Anticancer Conjugate Vaccine Development.
Published 2021 in Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 60: 24179-24188
Reference contains 6 structures

Reference #22000
Sojitra M; Sarkar S; Maghera J; Rodrigues E; Carpenter EJ; Seth S; Ferrer Vinals D; Bennett NJ; Reddy R; Khalil A; Xue X; Bell MR; Zheng RB; Zhang P; Nycholat C; Bailey JJ; Ling CC; Lowary TL; Paulson JC; Macauley MS; Derda R
Genetically encoded multivalent liquid glycan array displayed on M13 bacteriophage.
Published 2021 in Nat Chem Biol, 17: 806-816
Reference contains 65 structures

Reference #20891
Pearce OMT
Cancer glycan epitopes: biosynthesis, structure and function.
Published 2018 in Glycobiology, 28: 670-696
Reference contains 26 structures

Reference #20902
Pincus SH; Moran E; Maresh G; Jennings HJ; Pritchard DG; Egan ML; Blixt O
Fine specificity and cross-reactions of monoclonal antibodies to group B streptococcal capsular polysaccharide type III.
Published 2012 in Vaccine, 30: 4849-58
Reference contains 13 structures

Reference #10578
Roy R; Laferriere CA
Michael addition as the key step in the syntheses of sialyloligosaccharide-protein conjugates from N-acryloylated glycopyranosylamines
Published 1990 in J Chem Soc Chem Commun, 0: 1709-1711
Reference contains 6 structures

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