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 2D Structure
b-D-Galp-(1-3)-b-D-GalpNAc-(1-4)+ | b-D-Galp-(1-4)-b-D-Glcp-(1-1)-2R-amino-Octadec-4E-en-1,3S-diol | a-D-Neup5Ac-(2-3)+
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Reference #2065
Kobayashi T; Goto I
A sensitive assay of lysogangliosides using high-performance liquid chromatography
Published 1991 in Biochim Biophys Acta, 1081: 159-166
Reference contains 4 structures

Reference #1673
Sonnino S; Chigorno V; Acquotti D; Pitto M; Kirschner G; Tettamanti G
A photoreactive derivative of radiolabeled GM1 ganglioside: preparation and use to establish the involvement of specific proteins in GM1 uptake by human fibroblasts in culture
Published 1989 in Biochemistry, 28: 77-84
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #1680
Song W; Rintoul DA
Synthesis and characterization of N-parinaroyl ganglioside GM1. Effect of choleragen binding on fluorescence anisotropy in model membranes
Published 1989 in Biochemistry, 28: 4194-4200
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #1660
Winiski AP; Eisenberg M; Langner M; McLaughlin S
Fluorescent probes of electrostatic potential 1 nm from the membrane surface
Published 1988 in Biochemistry, 27: 386-392
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #11189
Sonnino S; Kirschner G; Ghidoni R; Acquotti D; Tettamanti G
Preparation of GM1 ganglioside molecular species having homogeneous fatty acid and long chain base moieties
Published 1985 in J Lipid Res, 26: 248-257
Reference contains 2 structures

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