Glycosciences.DB structure entry #2288: 3'-Sialyl-LewisA tetrasaccharide

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a-L-Fucp-(1-4)+ | D-GlcNAc | a-D-Neup5Ac-(2-3)-b-D-Galp-(1-3)+
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  Literature references: 24

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Reference #21626
Rubén LC; Laura MR; Almudena FB; Emilio GM
Glycan array analysis of Pholiota squarrosa lectin and other fucose-oriented lectins.
Published 2021 in Glycobiology, 31: 459-476
Reference contains 10 structures

Reference #21723
Matos R; Fonseca KL; Mereiter S; Maceiras AR; Gomes J; Vilaplana C; Gartner F; Rodrigues PNS; Reis CA; Saraiva M; Magalhães A
Infection Up-Regulates Sialyl Lewis X Expression in the Lung Epithelium.
Published 2021 in Microorganisms, 9: 99
Reference contains 7 structures

Reference #21331
Indellicato R; Domenighini R; Malagolini N; Cereda A; Mamoli D; Pezzani L; Iascone M; dall'Olio F; Trinchera M
A novel nonsense and inactivating variant of ST3GAL3 in two infant siblings suffering severe epilepsy and expressing circulating CA19.9.
Published 2020 in Glycobiology, 30: 95-104
Reference contains 6 structures

Reference #21335
Wu H; Rebello O; Crost EH; Owen CD; Walpole S; Bennati-Granier C; Ndeh D; Monaco S; Hicks T; Colvile A; Urbanowicz PA; Walsh MA; Angulo J; Spencer DIR; Juge N
Fucosidases from the human gut symbiont Ruminococcus gnavus.
Published 2020 in Cell. Mol. Life Sci., :
Reference contains 9 structures

Reference #21605
Wu ZL; Whittaker M; Ertelt JM; Person AD; Kalabokis V
Detecting substrate glycans of fucosyltransferases with fluorophore-conjugated fucose and methods for glycan electrophoresis.
Published 2020 in Glycobiology, 30: 970-980
Reference contains 9 structures

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