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Reference #21807
Bojar D; Meche L; Meng G; Eng W; Smith DF; Cummings RD; Mahal LK
A Useful Guide to Lectin Binding: Machine-Learning Directed Annotation of 57 Unique Lectin Specificities.
Published 2022 in ACS Chem Biol, : epub ahead of print
Reference contains 73 structures

Reference #20811
Sato T; Tateno H; Kaji H; Chiba Y; Kubota T; Hirabayashi J; Narimatsu H
Engineering of recombinant Wisteria floribunda agglutinin specifically binding to GalNAcβ1,4GlcNAc (LacdiNAc).
Published 2017 in Glycobiology, 27: 743–754
Reference contains 20 structures

Reference #20489
Lubkowski J; Durbin SV; Silva MC; Farnsworth D; Gildersleeve JC; Oliva ML; Wlodawer A
Structural analysis and unique molecular recognition properties of a Bauhinia forficata lectin that inhibits cancer cell growth.
Published 2017 in FEBS J., 284: 429-450
Reference contains 16 structures

Reference #20993
Jiménez-Castells C; Stanton R; Yan S; Kosma P; Wilson IB
Development of a multifunctional aminoxy-based fluorescent linker for glycan immobilization and analysis.
Published 2016 in Glycobiology, 26: 1297-1307
Reference contains 15 structures

Reference #20966
Grant OC; Tessier MB; Meche L; Mahal LK; Foley BL; Woods RJ
Combining 3D structure with glycan array data provides insight into the origin of glycan specificity.
Published 2016 in Glycobiology, 26: 772-783
Reference contains 22 structures

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