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 2D Structure
b-D-Glcp-(1-6)+ | b-D-Glcp-(1-6)-b-D-Glcp-(1-6)+ | | b-D-Glcp-(1-3)+ b-D-Glcp-(1-6)-D-Glc | b-D-Glcp-(1-3)-b-D-Glcp-(1-3)+
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Reference #12889
Cote F; Cheong JJ; Alba R; Hahn MG
Characterization of binding proteins that recognize oligoglucoside elicitors of phytoalexin synthesis in soybean
Published 1995 in Physiol Plant, 93: 401-410
Reference contains 18 structures

Reference #1509
Hahn MG; Cheong JJ; Alba R; Cote F
Characterization of hepta-.beta.-glucoside elicitor-binding protein(s) in soybean
Published 1994 in Biochem Soc Trans, 22: 408-414
Reference contains 17 structures

Reference #7467
Darvill A; Augur C; Bergmann C; Carlson RW; Cheong JJ; Eberhard S; Hahn MG; Lo VM; Marfa V; Meyer B; Mohnen D; O'Neill MA; Spiro MD; Van Halbeek H; York WS; Albersheim P
Oligosaccharins-oligosaccharides that regulate growth, development and defence responses in plant
Published 1992 in Glycobiology, 2: 181-198
Reference contains 34 structures

Reference #13268
Cheong JJ; Birberg W; Fugedi P; Pilotti A; Garegg PJ; Hong N; Ogawa T; Hahn MG
Structure-activity relationships of oligo-.beta.-glucoside elicitors of phytoalexin accumulation in soybean
Published 1991 in Plant Cell, 3: 127-136
Reference contains 13 structures

Reference #9540
Ossowski P; Pilotti A; Garegg PJ; Lindberg B
Synthesis of a glucoheptaose and a glucooctaose that elicit phytoalexin accumulation in soybean
Published 1984 in J Biol Chem, 259: 11337-11340
Reference contains 2 structures

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