Glycosciences.DB structure entry #20: Cellulose

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Reference #21857
Møller MS; El Bouaballati S; Henrissat B; Svensson B
Functional diversity of three tandem C-terminal carbohydrate-binding modules of a β-mannanase.
Published 2021 in J Biol Chem, 296: 100638
Reference contains 4 structures

Reference #21840
Gado JE; Harrison BE; Sandgren M; Ståhlberg J; Beckham GT; Payne CM
Machine learning reveals sequence-function relationships in family 7 glycoside hydrolases.
Published 2021 in J Biol Chem, 297: 100931
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #21869
Chundawat SPS; Nemmaru B; Hackl M; Brady SK; Hilton MA; Johnson MM; Chang S; Lang MJ; Huh H; Lee SH; Yarbrough JM; López CA; Gnanakaran S
Molecular origins of reduced activity and binding commitment of processive cellulases and associated carbohydrate-binding proteins to cellulose III.
Published 2021 in J Biol Chem, 296: 100431
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #21855
Keller MB; Badino SF; Røjel N; Sørensen TH; Kari J; McBrayer B; Borch K; Blossom BM; Westh P
A comparative biochemical investigation of the impeding effect of C1-oxidizing LPMOs on cellobiohydrolases.
Published 2021 in J Biol Chem, 296: 100504
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #21816
Nakamura A; Ishiwata D; Visootsat A; Uchiyama T; Mizutani K; Kaneko S; Murata T; Igarashi K; Iino R
Domain architecture divergence leads to functional divergence in binding and catalytic domains of bacterial and fungal cellobiohydrolases.
Published 2020 in J Biol Chem, 295: 14606-14617
Reference contains 1 structure

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