Glycosciences.DB structure entry #170: Sialyl-Tn antigen (Ser-linked)

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Reference #21766
Rodriguez E; Boelaars K; Brown K; Madunić K; van Ee T; Dijk F; Verheij J; Li RJE; Schetters STT; Meijer LL; Le Large TYS; Driehuis E; Clevers H; Bruijns SCM; O'Toole T; van Vliet SJ; Bijlsma MF; Wuhrer M; Kazemier G; Giovannetti E; Garcia-Vallejo JJ; va
Analysis of the glyco-code in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma identifies glycan-mediated immune regulatory circuits.
Published 2022 in Commun Biol, 5: 41
Reference contains 10 structures

Reference #21993
Konstantinidi A; Nason R; Čaval T; Sun L; Sørensen DM; Furukawa S; Ye Z; Vincentelli R; Narimatsu Y; Vakhrushev SY; Clausen H
Exploring the glycosylation of mucins by use of O-glycodomain reporters recombinantly expressed in glycoengineered HEK293 cells.
Published 2022 in J Biol Chem, 298: 101784
Reference contains 10 structures

Reference #21645
Li C; Palma AS; Zhang P; Zhang Y; Gao C; Silva LM; Li Z; Trovão F; Weishaupt M; Seeberger PH; Likhosherstov LM; Piskarev V; Yu J; Westerlind U; Chai W
Noncovalent microarrays from synthetic amino-terminating glycans: Implications in expanding glycan microarray diversity and platform comparison.
Published 2021 in Glycobiology, 31: 931-946
Reference contains 41 structures

Reference #21716
Sun L; Konstantinidi A; Ye Z; Nason R; Zhang Y; Büll C; Kahl-Knutson B; Hansen L; Leffler H; Vakhrushev SY; Yang Z; Clausen H; Narimatsu Y
Installation of O-glycan sulfation capacities in human HEK293 cells for display of sulfated mucins.
Published 2021 in J Biol Chem, : 101382
Reference contains 12 structures

Reference #21609
Murugesan G; Correia VG; Palma AS; Chai W; Li C; Feizi T; Martin E; Laux B; Franz A; Fuchs K; Weigle B; Crocker PR
Siglec-15 recognition of sialoglycans on tumor cell lines can occur independently of sialyl Tn antigen expression.
Published 2021 in Glycobiology, 31: 44-54
Reference contains 16 structures

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