Glycosciences.DB structure entry #168: Glycosphingolipid GM3

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Format: CarbBank LINUCS
  Corresponding entries: 15
 Motifs: 1
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  Literature references: 501

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Reference #21964
Brockhausen I; Schutzbach J; Wang J; Fishwick B; Brockhausen J
Glycoconjugate journal special issue on: the glycobiology of Parkinson's disease.
Published 2022 in Glycoconj J, 39: 55-74
Reference contains 9 structures

Reference #21970
He X; Guan F; Lei L
Structure and function of glycosphingolipids on small extracellular vesicles.
Published 2022 in Glycoconj J, 39: 197-205
Reference contains 8 structures

Reference #22494
Go S; Sato C; Hane M; Go S; Kitajima K
Implication of N-glycolylneuraminic acid in regulation of cell adhesiveness of C2C12 myoblast cells during differentiation into myotube cells.
Published 2022 in Glycoconj J, 39: 619-631
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #21955
Zalem D; Juhás M; Terrinoni M; King-Lyons N; Lebens M; Varrot A; Connell TD; Teneberg S
Characterization of the ganglioside recognition profile of Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin LT-IIc.
Published 2022 in Glycobiology, 32: 391-403
Reference contains 29 structures

Reference #21968
Furukawa K; Ohmi Y; Hamamura K; Kondo Y; Ohkawa Y; Kaneko K; Hashimoto N; Yesmin F; Bhuiyan RH; Tajima O; Furukawa K
Signaling domains of cancer-associated glycolipids.
Published 2022 in Glycoconj J, 39: 145-155
Reference contains 11 structures

 Taxonomy: 18
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