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 2D Structure
a-L-Fucp-(1-4)+ | b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-3)-b-D-Galp-(1-4)-D-Glc | a-D-Neup5Ac-(2-3)-b-D-Galp-(1-3)+
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Reference #21590
Porfirio S; Archer-Hartmann S; Moreau GB; Ramakrishnan G; Haque R; Kirkpatrick BD; Petri WA; Azadi P
New strategies for profiling and characterization of human milk oligosaccharides.
Published 2020 in Glycobiology, 30: 774-786
Reference contains 20 structures

Reference #21070
El-Hawiet A; Kitova EN; Klassen JS
Recognition of human milk oligosaccharides by bacterial exotoxins.
Published 2015 in Glycobiology, 25: 845-54
Reference contains 20 structures

Reference #7605
Green PJ; Yuen CT; Childs RA; Chai W; Miyasaka M; Lemoine R; Lubineau A; Smith B; Ueno H; Nicolaou KC; Feizi T
Further studies of the binding specificity of the leukocyte adhesion molecule, L-selectin, towards sulfated oligosaccharides-suggestion of a link between the selectin- and the integrin-mediated lymphocyte adhesion systems
Published 1995 in Glycobiology, 5: 29-38
Reference contains 26 structures

Reference #2883
Yamada N; Chung YS; Arimoto Y; Sawada T; Seki S; Sowa M
Establishment of a new human extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma cell line (OCUCh-LM1) and experimental liver metastatic model
Published 1995 in Br J Cancer, 71: 543-548
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #14165
Ohshio G; Yamaki K; Imamura T; Suwa H; Chang CY; Wada H; Sueno Y; Imamura M
Distribution of the carbohydrate antigens, DU-PAN-2 and CA19-9, in tumors of the lung
Published 1995 in Tumori, 81: 67-73
Reference contains 1 structure

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