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Reference #20876
Sood A; Gerlits OO; Ji Y; Bovin NV; Coates L; Woods RJ
Defining the Specificity of Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions by Quantifying Functional Group Contributions.
Published 2018 in J Chem Inf Model, 58: 1889-1901
Reference contains 6 structures

Reference #21173
Buettner MJ; Shah SR; Saeui CT; Ariss R; Yarema KJ
Improving Immunotherapy Through Glycodesign.
Published 2018 in Front Immunol, 9: 2485
Reference contains 42 structures

Reference #20805
Schneider M; Al-Shareffi E; Haltiwanger RS
Biological functions of fucose in mammals.
Published 2017 in Glycobiology, 27: 601-618
Reference contains 19 structures

Reference #20993
Jiménez-Castells C; Stanton R; Yan S; Kosma P; Wilson IB
Development of a multifunctional aminoxy-based fluorescent linker for glycan immobilization and analysis.
Published 2016 in Glycobiology, 26: 1297-1307
Reference contains 15 structures

Reference #21066
Rapoport EM; Matveeva VK; Kaltner H; André S; Vokhmyanina OA; Pazynina GV; Severov VV; Ryzhov IM; Korchagina EY; Belyanchikov IM; Gabius HJ; Bovin NV
Comparative lectinology: Delineating glycan-specificity profiles of the chicken galectins using neoglycoconjugates in a cell assay.
Published 2015 in Glycobiology, 25: 726-34
Reference contains 39 structures

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