Glycosciences.DB structure entry #14: XXFG Xyloglucan

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 2D Structure
a-L-Fucp-(1-2)-b-D-Galp-(1-2)-a-D-Xylp-(1-6)+ | a-D-Xylp-(1-6)+ b-D-Glcp-(1-4)-D-Glc | | b-D-Glcp-(1-4)+ | a-D-Xylp-(1-6)-b-D-Glcp-(1-4)+
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  Literature references: 20

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Reference #21619
Soto MJ; Prabhakar PK; Wang HT; Backe J; Chapla D; Bartetzko M; Black IM; Azadi P; Peña MJ; Pfrengle F; Moremen KW; Urbanowicz BR; Hahn MG
FUT4 and FUT6 Are Arabinofuranose-Specific Fucosyltransferases.
Published 2021 in Front Plant Sci, 12: 589518
Reference contains 20 structures

Reference #14419
Singh BB; Patel HH; Roepman R; Schick D; Ferreira PA
The zinc finger cluster domain of RanBP2 is a specific docking site for the nuclear export factor, exportin-1.
Published 1999 in J Biol Chem, 274: 37370-37378
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #11630
McDougall GJ; Fry SC
Fucosylated xyloglucan in suspension-cultured cells of the graminaceous monocotyledon, Festuca arundinacea
Published 1994 in J Plant Physiol, 143: 591-595
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #13345
Puhlmann J; Bucheli E; Swain MJ; Dunning N; Albersheim P; Darvill AG; Hahn MG
Generation of monoclonal antibodies against plant cell-wall polysaccharides
Published 1994 in Plant Physiol, 104: 699-710
Reference contains 11 structures

Reference #13289
Hayashi T; Takeda T; Ogawa K; Mitsuishi Y
Effects of the degree of polymerization on the binding of xyloglucans to cellulose
Published 1994 in Plant Cell Physiol, 35: 893-899
Reference contains 9 structures

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