Glycosciences.DB structure entry #126: Glucosylceramide; Glucocerebroside

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Reference #21293
Legros N; Ptascheck S; Pohlentz G; Karch H; Dobrindt U; Müthing J
PapG subtype-specific binding characteristics of Escherichia coli towards globo-series glycosphingolipids of human kidney and bladder uroepithelial cells.
Published 2019 in Glycobiology, 29: 789-802
Reference contains 6 structures

Reference #20739
Paget C; Deng S; Soulard D; Priestman DA; Speca S; von Gerichten J; Speak AO; Saroha A; Pewzner-Jung Y; Futerman AH; Mallevaey T; Faveeuw C; Gu X; Platt FM; Sandhoff R; Trottein F
TLR9-mediated dendritic cell activation uncovers mammalian ganglioside species with specific ceramide backbones that activate invariant natural killer T cells.
Published 2019 in PLoS Biol., 17: e3000169
Reference contains 4 structures

Reference #20740
Dunn TM; Tifft CJ; Proia RL
A perilous path: the inborn errors of sphingolipid metabolism.
Published 2019 in J. Lipid Res., 60: 475-483
Reference contains 9 structures

Reference #21161
Akintayo A; Stanley P
Roles for Golgi Glycans in Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis.
Published 2019 in Front Cell Dev Biol, 7: 98
Reference contains 30 structures

Reference #20853
Rybová J; Kuchar L; Hulková H; Asfaw B; Dobrovolný R; Sikora J; Havlícek V; Škultéty L; Ledvinová J
Specific storage of glycoconjugates with terminal α-galactosyl moieties in the exocrine pancreas of Fabry disease patients with blood group B.
Published 2018 in Glycobiology, 28: 382-391
Reference contains 5 structures

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